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8 Reasons To Start Using A Digital Planner

Life can get hectic. Between work, family commitments, and socializing with friends, it's easy to have your schedule filled to the brim. To help you keep track of everything that's going on in your life, we're going to tell you why a digital planner should be your next must-have tool!

1. No more paper waste or clutter

The first reason to start using a digital planner is because it's clean and clutter-free. No more paper waste, no more clutter—you can keep your desk clear of pens, stationary, washi tape, highlighters and stickers.

In fact, it’s hard to believe that I used to have a drawer full of stickers and stationery. The only things I need now are my planner and my phone!

2. Using your planner across multiple devices

You can sync your digital planner with the cloud so that you can access it across multiple devices, including a tablet and smartphone. This is great for people who have to be on-the-go or just need something simple to keep track of their day. You can even sync some part of your planner to your Google Calendar for extra ease of use!

3. Everything in one place

A digital planner keeps all your planning information in one place. You can access it from multiple devices, so you don’t have to carry around multiple planners. It’s also easy to navigate to any section of the planner and find what you need. This means there’s no need for multiple planners — everything is done within one!

For example, one digital planner could include budget planning, meal prepping, school notes, gratitude journal, etc. all in one easy-to-navigate file!

4. It's searchable

One of the best features of digital planners is that they are searchable. This can be a lifesaver when you're trying to find something in your planner. Instead of flipping through dozens (or hundreds) of pages, searching allows you to instantly see where everything is.

Searching is easy and fast: simply type in what you're looking for and quickly scan through all the pages where those words appear by date, tag, or other attributes like title or content. With the ability to create multiple calendars and then tag items with specific names or events, this feature will save you hours of time each month!

5. It's easy to move things around

The digital planner allows you to move things around easily.

You can easily add, remove and rearrange your text, handwriting, images, stickers, and pages. You can change the order of your pages. And yes, you can add new pages at any time!

6. Endless stickers, images, fonts, templates, and designs

Digital planners have a lot of customization options. You can add images, stickers, and fonts to your planner. You can also customize the font size and color of your handwriting, highlighting, and text.

You might be wondering how this is different from traditional planners. It's simple—traditional planners only allow you to use one design or template per spread. But with digital planning, you can change it up whenever you want!

7. Portable planning

You can use your planner literally anywhere, without having to bring a whole backpack full of planning supplies. You can bring it with you to class, on the train, or out to lunch with friends. You can bring it into bed and use it while watching TV, out in the garden, or shoot, while climbing a mountain if you want to get crazy with it!

A digital planner is also great for when you're on vacation or traveling, and if something comes up that might cause a conflict in your schedule, you can change it right away!

8. Adding links to your pages

Another awesome feature is that you can add links to your planner. You can link to other pages in your planner, to websites, documents and other files. This is a great way to add further depth and detail to the information you already have in your planner by adding more context.

Digital planners are easy to use and give you a lot of versatility in how you plan!


So, what do you think? Are you ready to give digital planning a try? If so, we'd love to hear about your experience. Be sure to leave us a comment below and let us know how it went!